Game Of Thrones

Several royal families desire the Iron Throne to gain control of Westeros. Whilst kingdoms fight each other for power, a sinister force lurks beyond the Wall in the north.

Season 6

Episode 11 :- 18 hours at the paint hall
Episode 10 :-The Winds of Winter
Episode 09 :-Battle of the Bastards
Episode 08 :-No One
Episode 07 :-The Broken Man
Episode 06 :-Blood of My Blood
Episode 05 :- The Door
Episode 04 :- Book of the Stranger
Episode 03 :- Oathbreaker
Episode 02 :- Home
Episode 01 :- The Red Woman

Season  5

Episode  10 :- Mother’s Mercy
Episode 09 :- The Dance of Dragons
Episode 08 :-Hardhome
Episode 07 :-The Gift
Episode 06 :- Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Episode 05 :- Kill the Boy
Episode 04 :- Sons of the Harpy
Episode 03 :- High Sparrow
Episode 02 :- The House of Black and White
Episode 01 :- The Wars to Come

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