After mastering the skills of archery on a deserted island, a multi-millionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns to his city. He takes on a vigilante persona of Arrow to fight crime and corruption.

Season 5

Episode 1       Legacy

Season 4

Episode 23     Schism
Episode 22      Lost in the Flood
Episode 21      Monument Point
Episode 20     Genesis
Episode 19      Canary Cry
Episode 18      Eleven-Fifty-Nine
Episode 17      Beacon of Hope
Episode 16      Broken Hearts
Episode 15      Taken
Episode 14      Code of Silence
Episode 13      Sins of the Father
Episode 12      Unchained
Episode 11      A.W.O.L.
Episode 10     Blood Debts
Episode 09    Dark Waters
Episode 08    Legends of Yesterday
Episode 07    Brotherhood
Episode 06    Lost Souls
Episode 05    Haunted
Episode 04    Beyond Redemption
Episode 03    Restoration
Episode 02    The Candidate
Episode 01     Green Arrow

Season 3

Episode 23        My Name Is Oliver Queen
Episode 22        This Is Your Sword
Episode 21         Al Sah-him
Episode 20       The Fallen
Episode 19        Broken Arrow
Episode 18        Public Enemy
Episode 17        Suicidal Tendencies
Episode 16        The Offer
Episode 15        Nanda Parbat
Episode 14        The Return
Episode 13         Canaries
Episode 12        Uprising
Episode 11        Midnight City
Episode 10        Left Behind
Episode 09      The Climb
Episode 08       The Brave and the Bold
Episode 07      Draw Back Your Bow
Episode 06      Guilty
Episode 05      The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
Episode 04       The Magician
Episode 03       Corto Maltese  
Episode 02      Sara
Episode 01      The Calm 

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